Avery Robbins



Avery loves to learn and to share useful or awesome things that have benefited him personally. This website is a tool for him to actively do just that: share knowledge, ideas, and tips that are helpful. He is in his last year at BYU-Idaho studying Data Science.

Avery is fascinated by data and loves programming in R. He also enjoys rock climbing, playing board games, and cheerfully spending quarantine with his beautiful wife, Marissa.

Recent Posts

Functions for a rainy day

2020-10-26 tips efficiency

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String interpolation in Python and R (the best ways)

2020-10-06 useful package tips

What are the different ways of executing code within a string of text in Python and R? This post looks into the good and arguably best forms of string interpolation in two of the most popular programming languages for data science. Read More

Solving the FizzBuzz problem in R and Python

2020-08-24 practice

Small practice problems can be fun and challenging ways to test your programming skills! Solutions in R and Python to the FizzBuzz problem are provided at the end. Read More

The greatest Avatar visualizations you have ever seen

2020-08-12 entertainment

Showcasing the best Avatar: The Last Airbender visualizations from the Tidy Tuesday weekly challenge. All graphics are from the amazing R community! Read More

Covid... and why 3D plots are bad

2020-08-08 visualization

Comparing the death-to-case ratio between the US and Sweden, and a brief commentary on 3D plots. Read More